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Our Trucks

Rescue 69/1

2013 Freightliner/Pierce 

Custom designed as a dive/special services response unit, this rig features an 18.5’ walk-in box with both a command and diver suit-up area. It is outfitted with an awning for establishing a rehab sector, a 9,000 lb. winch with six receiver points, a night scan light tower and a PTO 20Kw generator. It's water rescue complement includes six sets of dive rescue equipment, 8 sets of Ice rescue rescue equipment, and 8 sets Swift-Water PPE. It contains multiple pre-rigged rope kits to establish high lines for swift water rescue, a rope lyle gun, and rescue sled. In addition, it also carries cordless power tools (including an air powered nail gun), two 16" gas powered chainsaws and three portable dewatering pumps each with 200' of hose. The truck carries 12 sheets of plywood to secure structures and to act as ground pads for river/ mud rescues. To enhance rescuer safety a 20 gallon sprayer was added with brushes and tools to decontaminate members after existing the water.  

Rescue 69/2

2008 Freightliner M2/E-One

Responding as the primary rescue out of the Lake Parsippany substation this rig contains heavy rescue, water rescue, and special services equipment. It has a 28Kw PTO generator, night scan light tower, and 3 receiver points for a 8,000 Lbs winch. Its' rescue equipment complement includes two sets of Hurst hosed extrication tools, Hurst EWXT underwater rated battery spreaders and cutters, air bags, three SCBA, multiple K12 saws and 3 Honda 2200i generators. This truck also carries four Ice Rescue suits, rescue board, water rescue ropes, and PFDs. This truck has multiple dewatering pumps and carries plywood and lumber to perform collapse and board up services.

Rescue 69/3

2001 Freightliner FL60/EVI

Responding as the primary rescue out of Headquarters this rig specializes in vehicle extrications, elevator entrapments, pump-outs, power generating and incident command. Outfitted with a PTO 28Kw generator, two 6,000 watt light towers and a rear winch rated to 28,000 pounds, it features a walk-in command center.  It is equipped with one set of Hurst hosed tools and a Hurst eDraulic spreader and cutter, assorted Vetter large air bags (total lifting capacity of 234,470 pounds), two 20 ton air/hydraulic bottle jacks, and multiple long timbers for shoring operations. This rig also contains Honda generators, prosser dewatering pumps, and multiple hand tools to support forcible entry and trench operations. 

Rescue 69/4

2022 Freightliner M2-112

Ward Maintainer Bodies

Operating as a Technical Support Unit(TSU) this rig is designed to augment the tools of another rescue truck but can function as a first due rescue. It has a 5500Lb crane with light head and camera, 42Kw Generator, and six bank cascade system with electric booster. Some equipment it carriers is two sets of Hurst EWXT underwater rated battery tools, 4 Each Size Grey Paratech struts, Assorted Gold Paratech Struts, (2) 10” Paratech Hydrafusions, Trench and Collapse heads, 12’ Paratech Raker, BiPod and Monopod, Paratech multiforce and flat airbags, (2) TU32 Griphoists, (2) 4000lb ComeAlongs, Assorted Grade 100 Rigging, (3) Rotary Saws, (3) Chainsaws, Elevator Keys, Shovels and Bars, 6 Person Rope Rescue Cache, Arizona Vortex, 3000’ 1/2 rope, Rescom ConSpace Com System, Air Cart with (4) 200’ umbilicals, torches, Machine Rescue Kit, (2) dewatering Pumps, 200’ 1.75, carpentry tools, four sawzalls, two portable bandsaws, multiple 12’ timbers for collapse rescue, sheets of plywood for ground pads, precut gusset plates and wedges, Hilti Concrete breaching jackhammers and drills, 2 Honda 2200i generators.

Rescue 69/4 Bravo

1986 Chevy C60/SWAB

Featuring four wheel drive, this rig is utilized for on/off road operations including dive support and patient transport from remote locations. It features a 12Kw generator, 12,000 lb. front mount winch A-frame assembly and a 32,000 lb. rear winch. It is equipped with Hurst® extrication tools with gas and electric portable power units, and basic hand tools for forcible entry. During storms it is equipped with appropriate tools to handle water and storm related calls.

Support 69/5

2012 Ford Explorer

It is utilized to tow trailers with rescue boats and an emergency power generator.

Support 69/5 Bravo

1992 Dodge Ram Charger

Support on all rescue calls. Towing water rescue trailer or generator/light tower trailers. Transporting fuel to refill generators. Assist on pump outs. Transporting air bottles.

Rescue 69/6

1995 Freightliner FL70/EVI

Rescue 69/6 is assigned for vehicle extrication, elevator entrapment, power/lighting, rescue and cascade support. Accordingly, it features a six bottle 6000 PSI cascade system with booster pump, 18,000 watts of scene lighting (including two 6,000 watt light towers) and a 28,000 pound hydraulic winch with rear A-frame assembly. It is outfitted with a Hurst® combination tool and spreader, air bags with a total lift capacity of 237,740 pounds, Res-Q-Jack Super X-Struts, electric chainsaw and forcible entry tools.

Support 69/7

2014 GMC 3500

Featuring four wheel drive, this rig is used for support purposes and also to tow a rehab support trailer that responds township wide. 

Boats (The Navy)

(2) One Boat Flat Bottom Boats and a Inmar 380 Inflatable on tongue

Construction Cam 12V light tower on Trailer


45 Hp Prop boat has underglow and scene lights, multiple throw bags and rings, PFDs for patients 


45Hp Jet Boat has underglow and scene lights, Hummingbird Di and Si Hull Sonar multiple anchor and marking systems, throw bags, flash lights, and PFDs for patients 


6 person inflatable with 25hp engine 


2009 Polaris 700

with KimTec Medical Transport Skid

2500 lb Winch, tree straps, tow hitch and first aid kit.



USAR Trailer 

(6)Trench Panels, (12) Ground Pads, 16’ long 2x4, 2x6, 2x12, 4x4, 6x6 timbers, Trash Pumps, Generators, pre cut wedges, gusset plates, shovels and hand tools, saws, air compressor. 


(2)Light Tower Trailers

2013 Generac 6Kw Light Tower Trailers with 30’ Towers



Patriot Trailer

26’ Foot Rehab Trailer with Bathroom Facilities. Oxygen banks for 12 recipients. Heat/Ac, awning 10Kw Generator

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